Thursday, 12 January 2012

Movies to wait for in 2012

This is the list of movies not to be missed in 2012. Not all of them will be up to expectations, of course, but we will hope for the best.

1. Dangerous Method
Fassbender and Knightley - what else could we say?

2. Muppets
Mainly because of the Immigrant Song trailer

3. Descendants
Clooney's finest performance?

4. Shame
Fassbender again.

5. Show White and the Huntsman
Stylish look, but the main actress on the downside

6. Hunger Games

7. Skyfall
The new Bond film - nobody is going to miss it anyway

8. Ice Age 4
Nevermind everybody else -Scrat is the main character of the show!

9. Men in Black 3
Good old jokes. How we've missed them

10. Expendables 2
The same company but with Chuck Norris now - gonna be epic!

11. Prometheus
The prequel to the Alien. And Fassbender again.

12. Dark Knight Rises
The final part of the trilogy by Nolan.

13. Hobbit
The prequel to the Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson. Dr Watson is featuring as Bilbo

14. The Bourne Legacy
The fourth part of the Bourne saga, chance for Jeremy Renner to shine

15. The Amazing Spider-Man
Here they go again...

16. Avengers
All the superheroes are fighting the evil together! The geek and nerd dream come true

17. The Pirates!
Should be funny and humorous
18. J Edgar
We haven't seen DiCaprio for quite a while - and he gets back as FBI chief

19. Coriolanus
Starring Ralph Fiennes

20. The Dictator
Last but definitely not least.

That, and many othe movies coming out in 2012, will definitely keep us busy for the year!


  1. Not convinced by Pirates but the rest all look good. Not sure if there is a release date for Tarantino's latest but also can't wait for that!

    1. Pirates have some particularly British, Monty Python-like sense of humor, I personally cannot resist that.
      You mean Django Unchained? Heard it will be out in December at best, but more probably in 2013...