Friday, 6 January 2012

The best movies I have seen in 2011

Little warning to start with: the movies mentioned are not the best of 2011 – simply because I have not seen all the movies that were released in that year. These are the films that moved me most, that intrigued me and fascinated me. I will probably write something about them at greater length later on.

1. Hugo 
This is an absolute masterpiece by Martin Scorsese starring … It is definitely the first movie in 3D where the stereo effect is actually indispensable part of the show rather than the fashionable tweak. It is even difficult to compare it to other movies that I saw on the cinema screen – it feels like the Grand Master has decided to show to all the newbies how the true movie has to be done. It is multi-layered, multi-faceted, stunning story which grabs attention and keeps it until the very end. Fantastic script, fantastic 3D, fantastic play by Asa, and Sir Kingsley – that makes it the best movie of 2011

2. Melancholia
Film-scandal as well as film-catastrophe. Directed by Lars von Trier it was first shown on the Cannes festival in May, and was definite favorite to win the main prize, but then remarks made by von Trier made him persona non-grata and the film only got Best Actress for Kirsten Dunst. It definitely deserves more. This movie reminds us that cinematograph is an art, metaphoric and allegoric. The atmosphere is thick, slow pace of action leaves a lot of time for the audience to ponder. Of course, visual part of it is incredible. Every scene is absolutely organic and fits in the movie. Must see for those who enjoy meaningful movies.

3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Based on the infamous leCarre novel, this movie boasts almost every male star alive (apart from Cloonie and Gosling). This is thee top-notch play by Gary Oldman, and other actors deserve fair share of the acting success as well – Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Toby Jones. The cast speaks volumes, and they live up to the expectations. The scene where Gary Oldman describes how he met the spy is iconic, the play is staggering and breathtaking. It is surprising how pretty straightforward whodunit detective turns into high-profile play after you pepper it with excellent acting. 

4. Drive
Probably the most controversial on the list. It is very easy to say what is so good about other movies here – be it the skill of director, cinematography, script or actors. It is much more complicated in the case of Drive. I will add my voice to the chorus praising the soundtrack – it is amazingly fit and, most importantly, pleasure to listen to on its own. Other than that – slow pace of action, unconvincing characters, little action. This movie should not be on the list, but suddenly it has got some soul in it, all the elements, however weird separately, fit together nicely, creating atmospheric film, powerful and interesting. I cannot stop comparing it with GTA:Vice City. The game was outdated by every account, but the atmosphere was so authentic, that you simply could not stop playing.

5. King’s Speech
The year 2011 started for me with this movie, and since it was awarded by a few Academy Awards, I will not spend a lot of time describing what is so good about it. Everybody knows how Colin Firth played the King struggling with stammer – it is movie about people who never give up and make hard choices. Simple yet powerful movie.

Of course those are not all the movie worth your attention. We have also seen the final instalment of Harry Potter, and X-Men, and True Grit, and the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but in my humble opinion those cannot even get close to the top-5 mentioned. Stay tuned.


  1. Only seen Hugo out of this lot. I've got some catching up to do!

    1. Don't forget about the Artist! It is pretty awesome as well.