Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Wind Rises

After a long break, it is actually pretty difficult to get back into shape of summarising thoughts about the movies seen. I bet, in a couple of years’ time I will be looking at this review with blood in my eyes… But let’s get closer to the point.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Best movies of 2013

It has been a while since I last posted in this blog, and is there a better way to revive it than to post the list that is overdue by half a year? Of course not...

Despite lack of posts, I have been watching movies, and I indeed have a list of those that I liked. I cannot say that I agree with 2013 Oscars to the fullest extent (I look at you, 12 Years a Slave), but I think I am more or less in line... Anyway, I digress, and here is the list

1. The Great Beauty
Melancholic, nostalgic and relaxed view on the current state of affairs through the eyes of disenchanted in life writer Jep Gambardella is the best film of the year by miles. It is pleasant to watch, it is full of wit and subtle understanding of life which brings answers to the unasked questions of the modern society on the backdrop of beautiful  Rome scenery. A movie I will definitely re-watch in the coming years - not least because "roots are important"


2. Only God Forgives

The movie which was not received well during Cannes nevertheless found its way into my personal list, and I don’t really understand the annoyance of critics with this movie. I found the movie to be incredibly deep, with several layers of meaning which are almost impossible to uncover. The camera work is probably the best I have seen since Melancholia – every single frame is a piece of art, carefully calibrated with colours thoroughly sourced. Yes, there are certain overkills (I am talking about the torture scene), but no masterpiece is possible without pushing the boundaries a little too far. And the fight scene is still the best I have seen since the Matrix

3. Lincoln

Pure masterpiece in biography genre. I don’t remember when was the last time I was watching biography and was so captivated by the dialogues, relaxed narration and beautiful camera work. Oscar for the Best Actor to Daniel Day-Lewis describes his work better than I could possibly do in this format. The ability of the plot to keep attention of the audience despite very little action happening on the screen surely is unmatched.

4. Gravity

This movie left me absolutely blown away. Simplest concept was taken as the backbone to the plot, but Cuaron managed to turn it into an incredible story of perseverance and survival in the face of hardest trials. It forces the audience to gasp in awe at the sight of astonishing special effects and to hold their breath together with main characters. It feels like a personal journey to space, leaving you devastated and happy in the end.

5. Stoker 

Blurry and dreamy (maybe the correct word would be “nightmary”) story which has as much ability to surprise (and quite possibly shock) as Only God Forgives. Mia Wasikowska performs incredibly well; every scene with her is a pleasure to watch. The plot is outright captivating, one of very few movies in 2013 where I was truly wondering what will happen next. The final scene which so nicely wraps up the conversion of India is truly a stroke of a master