Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Movie 43

Just a horrible film. Several sketches which attempt to be funny but fail miserably. The plot tries to be politically incorrect, but quickly degrades into bad tasted jokes. The only truly hilarious bits are the first three - the rest just calls for epic facepalm. The jokes tell volumes about a particular lack of sense of humour of screen-writers, and I cannot see how any actor, however brilliant, would possibly be able to pull of a decent performance.
Well, at least they actually do enjoy it, as is obvious from the closing credits. Hugh Jackman plays his part nicely, as does Kate Winslet. The rest of the cast is failing miserably, and it is a shame to see so many good actors in such a failure of a movie-making.

Do not waste your time on this, unless you want a revenge on your girlfriend who forced you to watched Twilight.


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