Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Best movies of 2012

It is January 1st, and I guess now is the right time to draw a line and make some conclusions about 2012. It was a hectic year, year full of fantastic movies and disappointing failures. Overall it was a good year, inspirational and interesting.

And here are the movies that I liked the most:

1) Amour
Those who watched it will understand: it is the most emotional and touching movie of the year. Amazing play by actors, suspense and drama. Must see.

 2) Life of Pi
Mesmerising and fascinating story of the Journey. Unique masterpiece, great book skillfuly translated into the language of the big screen. Philosophical story wrapped up in beautiful 3D.

3) Moonrise Kingdom
Feel good movie of the year. Heart warming and simply a pleasure to watch, not least because of charming Bruce Willis.

4) Argo
Simple story with so much suspense you will sit on the edge of the chair all 120 minutes.

5) Skyfall
Bond got the second birthday. Stylish, action-packed, interesting, smart - James Bond we have been waiting for.

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